Al final todo va a salir bien. Y si no ha salido bien, es que todavia no es el final.

vendredi 26 mars 2010

One day

A mask of plastic happiness often covers her sadness

Her beliefs hidden from most.

Afraid of, but willing to face the unknown
Wondering where her place is in this life

She has come close to sharing herself

Never completely revealing anything to anyone

Feelings of invisible chains corner her

She feels lost sometimes, not yet finding her notch in this world

BUT . . .

One day there will be no more mask for her to wear

One day her beliefs will be known

One day she'll know her place in this life

One day she will share herself

ONE DAY this mask will be


1 commentaire:

  1. siempre habrá algo para cubrirnos, eso está claro. pero ojala eso con lo que lo cubrimos se convierta en una verdadera realidad, que no sea de quita y pon. que ya no exista, que se nos quiera por lo que no queremos mostrar, que nos queramos nosotras por lo que no queremos aceptar.
    a ver si ese one day llega. para todas cielo.